5 Ways to Revamp Your Space
to Help Uplift Your Spirits

may 11, 2021
Interior design for a minimal bedroom with an arched bed and fluted panelled walls
interior design by studio rêver

Even the smallest of changes can sometimes make a big difference in your space! Be it your bedroom, living room, bathroom or even your dorm room, making a few tweaks here and there can have a dramatic effect on not just how a space looks, but also how it makes you feel.

Here are a few tips we think can help elevate your space and uplift your mood:

Source: www.wonderful--you.com

1. Declutter

Before you even start thinking about bringing in anything new or making any changes, you need to fully understand the potential that your space holds.

So the first thing you can do to liven up your space is — Declutter!

The process of ridding your space of unwanted distractions has been found to enhance personal well-being and bring some peace into your space. Even from an aesthetic point of view, less is more! Besides, decluttering is also going to make it a whole lot easier for you to maintain that space in the long run.

Source: www.cabanastateofmind.com

2. Create a Nook

With a dramatic increase in the number of hours spent working from home, the blurring boundary between your work and rest spaces can elevate your stress levels and make it harder for you to unwind. Create a nook in the corner of your room, ideally next to a window if possible, to let some natural light in. If not, you can add a lamp to enhance lighting.

Your nook could be a work station, a place for you to meditate, read or unwind in any other way you like. Add in your choice of a rug, a small seating, and a table if needed, some cushions and a throw to create your ideal space.

Source: www.elledecor.com

3. Plants Plants Plants!
Since most of your days might be spent indoors, try and bring a bit of the outdoors in! Be it on your desk, in the corners of your room, or your favourite nook, bring in a plant or ten(?) for a breath of fresh air. They brighten up your space and day and help you stay connected with nature, something we could all deeply appreciate right now. Surrounding yourself with greenery has been known to enhance your overall well-being and positively affect your mood.

Here are few great indoor plants to have:

a. Peace lily — perfect for your reading nook

b. Snake plant — your natural air purifier

c. Aloe Vera — great for your skin and fairly low maintenance

d. Areca Palm — ideal to fill those empty corners

e. Lavender — perfect for a window sill

f. Jade Plant — great addition to a desk or shelf space

Bedding from The Calico Guild styled by Studio Rêver

4. Make Your Bed!

Yes, that thing our mothers were constantly telling us to do? Do it. Once you’ve created your nook, you hopefully wouldn’t be eating, working and sleeping in the same space. Bring out some cushions, throws and bedcovers and accessorise away! If you’ve got solid colour sheets, play with some patterned and textured cushions and vice-versa.

Making your bed is an easy and mindful way to start your day with a small sense of accomplishment!

A Bombay Design Studio project with a pop of colour styled by Studio Rêver

5. A Pop of Colour

Go all out, get a little messy and paint an accent wall if you can, for maximum effect, but if that doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, there are many other ways to add a pop of colour to your space. One easy way is to add a painting or a tapestry or create a photo wall of your favourite memories. Adding a rug and a few cushions or switching up the colour of your bedding can also make a big difference!

We hope you try some of these out and send us photos of your mini-spruce for a feature on our Instagram page.

Stay safe, and for all those who can, please stay indoors in your newly revamped space!

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