Insights of being a Visual Merchandiser
at Studio Rêver

June 01, 2021
Collage of the different design stages of a brand installation and pop up at the bombay canteen
‘Sneaky Sweets’ Pop-Up and Installation at The Bombay Canteen;
Design by studio rêver

While our business cards read Visual Merchandiser, people’s faces when they look at it read confusion. The natural response we subsequently get is, “What exactly does a visual merchandiser do?” Upon breaking it down, there is a slight ‘aha’ moment where they realise that a visual merchandiser’s work is something that everyone routinely encounters, it’s the term itself that confuses them. We at Studio Rêver want visual merchandising to become part of the everyday lexicon, even beyond the retail space.

Being a visual merchandiser means designing and creating aesthetically pleasing displays and have a strong sense of brand storytelling. Our Head of Visual Merchandising and Installations, Pallavi Varma, can assure you that being in the visual merchandising space is no longer limited to creating window displays for retail stores, but also extends to pop-ups, installations, mall, kiosks, exhibition booths and experiential spaces.

“There is a new creative to be designed almost every day in such a dynamic area of work, and no two projects are ever the same”, says Pallavi.

‘Sneaky Sweets’ Valentine’s Pop-Up at The Bombay Canteen;
Design by studio Rêver

At Studio Rêver, we have worked with clients to enhance their window displays, in-store displays and create unique designs overall. Pallavi believes that visual merchandising is not just a tool to visually display products, but if done correctly, it can play a strategic role in driving store revenues and should be seen as a form of marketing. One of the most important aspects she has to keep in mind while designing displays is making sure they are in line with the current and future trends and at the same time, reflect the brand identity.

Each client our studio works with is unique in their own way and therefore, we also have to create ideas that haven’t been done before. We have to propose new solutions with each new project to make sure they reach a high standard. In the past few months, we have been fortunate enough to work with established clients, but also with brands who spoke our design language, for whom we were able to experiment with ideas and materials and create some fun and exciting displays!

We believe people should ‘experience’ a space and not just visit it. We are here to turn your spaces into experiences and develop a narrative around your retail spaces, where each element comes together to tell your story.

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