Rêver is to dream; to imagine, and that's exactly what we are doing.

JUne 07, 2020

Sitting by the river and glazing at the city’s architecture, was our favourite pastime. Through rain, snow and sunshine, the river was our go to spot. We would sit there for hours at a stretch and talk about everything under the sun. Somewhere out of those conversations, Studio Rêver was born. We both dreamed of finishing college and starting a business venture of our own. Though at that point it seemed very far-fetched considering we both lived in different countries.

Fast Forward to February 2020, we had both heard back from our respective graduate schools and would be in different cities again starting this fall. Though both of us often spoke about starting our studio the minute grad school got over; it was always a ‘one day’ plan that we kept on our dream shelf. Soon enough, the Covid-19 outbreak rained on our plans, like it did on the rest of the worlds’ and we found ourselves back home. Despite the uncertainties around us we knew that there was no better time than this to start working on our dream design studio — ‘Studio Rêver'.

Rêver is to dream; to imagine, and that’s exactly what we are doing, we are chasing our dream. Studio Rêver is a spatial design firm where we focus on creating experiences through our designs. Whether it is doing a bespoke installation or designing your own space, we strive to create sensory experiences. Our designs will help you deliver your story in a creative way.

Today, we are a month in on our new venture and are working out the logistics sitting across the borders of India and Nepal- laying the foundation for our design studio. A big part of making this possible was utilizing video platforms to communicate like the rest of the world is currently doing . Sitting and working from Mumbai and Kathmandu at this point seems no different than companies who are functioning out of the same city.

This one month has helped us evolve in ways more than we could imagine. Two art school graduates starting their own creative practice sounds wonderful, but working out the business logistics is the challenging part. Regardless, we took each day in stride and continued our learning experience. We realized this road isn’t going to be easy and that there will be times when we will question our journey and fill our minds with every “why” and “what if” possible . We know that when this happens we will have to go back to that river side where two college girls were sitting in the cold on a winter evening in Chicago, chatting relentlessly about how amazing it would be if one day we could actually work together to start something we love doing every day and voila! All will be fine.

So yes, we did turn our college dream into reality! We’ve transitioned from being best friends in college to being Creative Directors of Studio Rêver! This pandemic did do some good after all!

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